Most of you that follow Bulletproofbodies are already regular exercisers so we are preaching to the converted. 

Our global community are already finding new and innovative ways to exercise and move.

However, what if our opportunity to exercise was confined to the small and impracticable area of the home only such as those on lock-down.

For some people in the UK, outside the home is the ONLY place you can really exercise. As long as social distancing is being adhered to, obviously. 

So, what would the consequences be if we couldn’t exercise?

  • Increases in domestic violence 
  • Increases in loneliness (as more people live on their own)
  • Increased mental heath issues
  • Increased sedentary behaviour
  • Increased levels of obesity
  • Increased consumption of junk food
  • Increased consumption of alcohol
  • Increased amounts of screen time
Ironically, all the things that would put us in the Chronic Disease bucket and increase our risk of being vulnerable to Corona Virus.

Whilst we recognise the Medical guidance of short-term solutions such as, social distancing, they should not come with the long-term health consequences. You are just creating a problem to solve a problem.

Daily exercise is a life-line for most people and a worthy, positive health behaviour that needs to be nurtured. At a time when we need to boost our immune system the most, we should not restrict the evidence-based drug of exercise being prescribed to the masses.

One of our thought leaders has spoken with regards to Corona Virus and poor health choices. 

The founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman gives us a lesson about:

“The 5 Buckets of Death.” 

One big bucket and 4 little buckets

This sounds a bit morbid but the majority of those being affected by the virus

are those with underlying health issues.

While the entire globe is almost on lock down, in the UK they are now threatening to take away our opportunity to exercise outside.

The unintended consequences of stopping the world from exercising will have a more dramatic long-term effect on the world’s heath than the Corona Virus.

Lack of physical activity is the 4th leading cause of preventable disease that affect the world.

The ironic thing is that if the world was more physically active it would directly effect the other top 5 causes of pre-mature death.

                                             “The 5 Buckets of Death.” 

Bucket 1 – Chronic Disease – Through Sedentary lifestyle 
Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension
(86% of the US spending on Healthcare)

Bucket 2 – Microbic – Corona Virus, Fungi, Bacteria

Bucket 3 – Genetic – The wrong Parents

Bucket 4 – Kinetic – Car Accident, Gun shot wound, Stabbing
Bucket 5 – Toxic – Poisoning

What has happened in this current environment is that Corona virus has jumped from the Microbic bucket into the Chronic Disease bucket and started a fire.

Corona virus is mostly effecting those already with co-morbities and the elderly. 

These are those people already in the Chronic disease bucket.

So these tragic deaths are more related to chronic disease than they are to the Corona Virus.

Just listen for the term “underlying causes” when you next hear the news about someone’s unfortunate demise.

The “wilful divide” involves, “getting off the couch and off the carbs.”

This is NOT “lifestyle illness” but TWO wilful choices.

The TWO pathological behaviours of poor food choices and lack of exercise

This is behavioually driven, so it needs to be behaviourally addressed, or it will be Medically babysat.

Exercise is a positive health behaviour that needs to be nurtured long-term.

Stopping people from exercising outside actively encourages poor health behaviours.

Exercise fixes that which medicine baby sits. 

The evidence for exercise is so strong that it should be the drug of choice for the world with less side effects than any pharmaceuticals. 

Sedentary behaviour will eventually kill more people globally, thus putting more strain on the NHS long-term than tragic short-lived pandemics like Corona virus.

Unfortunately, this reactionary approach is just adding fuel to the fire, with no thought for the unintended consequences that may have greater implications on global health long-term.

Staying physically active and making conscious decisions about what food you eat are more likely to save your life long-term, so that if you became infected with Corona Virus you have a better chance of fighting off the symptoms and making a full recovery.

We need to use this opportunity to reflect on our current global health behaviour, as chronic preventable disease has been steadily killing more people globally than the Corona virus, it is just most of us have not been paying attention.

Stay safe, but more importantly, stay active.