trafford Fit crossfit competition


Last weekend Bulletproofbodies and Team Hench were throwing down at Trafford Fit in Altrincham. This competition was a long time coming due to the obvious. So, it was great to catch up with the CrossFit community.

This was a fun competition far removed from the pressure of the CrossFit Games and more focussed on bringing people together after the last 18 months of chaos.

A team competition is always more fun as it takes the pressure off of the individual as responsibility is shared.

Some of the movements are things you just don’t practice such as synchro Burpees and Pull ups. This makes the movements more about team cooperation and less about pure fitness. Gutted not to make the final but lessons learned and responsibility accepted, I even go a “no rep” on the snatch! The good news was no injuries as the workouts were sensible and scalable.

Scaled competitions allow everyone to compete no matter what level they are at. As we can see from the recent CrossFit Games the level of skill between the top athletes and the recreational is now a gaping chasm, so local Throwdowns are more important than ever to keep the community motivated and to find the UK’s next top athletes. It was also good to see our old friend and former Games athlete Reece Mitchel, coaching the winning team of young thrusters who were impressive because of how young they were, and their high level of ability.

Not every Physio competes at CrossFit, this is why Bulletproofbodies knows how to treat CrossFit athletes, because we are the same as you!

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