Workshop at Crossfit didsbury


iThe Bullet Proof Your Body Workshops are back!

March 2022 saw the return on our Workshops for CrossFit Injury Prevention.

It is great to be back doing what we love and just in time for the CrossFit open 22.2, Deadlifts and Burpees. Where Bullet-Proofing your back for this workout is especially relevant!

This time were were hosted at CrossFit Didsbury. 

We discussed what injuries are associated with CrossFit Training and Competition. Bullet Proof Bodies have been working in the CrossFit space for 10 years and we have seen everything from recreational athletes to Regionals and Invitations.


The three exercises that injure most athletes are actually the basic exercises of Squats, Deadlifts and Clean & Jerk.

Yes, it’s about the doing the basics well:

The beginner wants to do the intermediate,

the intermediate wants to do the advanced

and the advanced go back to basics.

In the Workshop we look at how you are moving using the tried and tested method of Functional Movement Screening.

The FMS is a great way to rank and rate Functional Movement and it highlights pain, dysfunction and asymmetry.  It makes the invisible, visible.

The Lower Back and Shoulder are the two most common areas associated with CrossFit.

The Bullet Proof Method focusses on assessment, correctional exercise and then specific accessory movements that address issues found in the assessment.

If you would like to host a Bullet Proof Bodies Workshop at your Gym please contact us and let’s make it happen.

Injury is the enemy, Bullet Proof Your Body.

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