Meeting the “Ice man”


A couple of weeks ago the Bullet Proof Bodies Team were at COMMUNITY festival organised by Russell Brand.

More importantly, this was the chance to meet like minded individuals in the Alternative Health space.

The highlight of the day was meeting Wim Hof, the “Ice Man” who has achieved what others thought impossible to do.

Having followed #wimhof for the last 10 years, he did not disappoint.

A very genuine and lovely man.

His catch phrase of, “let the body do what the body is capable of doing.” Is my mantra.

Wim Hof is the closest thing we have seen to a truly #bulletproof individual.


The 3 pillars of this training are:

– Mindset

– Breathing

– Cold training

The #wimhof #breathwork was really interesting, the sense of deep relaxation and bliss afterwards was incredible.

The autonomic nervous system can be influenced by #breathwork

As someone that spends far too much of their time in my sympathetic nervous system, a parasympathetic stimulus is just what we need.

By taking control of your #breathing you become the Pilot rather than the passenger.

But can you relax in the presence of the noxious stimulus of cold?

The breath-work was then truly put to the test with the #icebath

As you can see it is difficult not to stop hyperventilating immediately as you enter the cold.

However, as you relax into the cold and control your breath you can tolerate 2 minutes quite easily.


The Brass Monkeys company were providing the coldest Ice Baths I have ever been in.


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