back pain

be gone – treatment retreat


Join us in learning a revolutionary method of controlling and eradicating chronic back pain

Our clinical specialists will give you the tools that will help you to achieve a transformation.

Spaces are limited so sign up NOW

STOP wasting time on NHS waiting lists

STOP missing out on life

And instead START rediscovering the joy of living pain free.

Join Dale and Siggy B as they take you through a self-management programme for Back Pain.

This is a 3 Day Intensive which combines learning, practical self-management skills and new equipment that we use to manage Back Pain and includes:

A new understanding and perception of pain as we teach you about what pain really is; busting popular myths

A thorough spinal assessment

Self-assessment techniques for managing your own spine

Understanding pain management

Methods to protect and maintain positive back health long term

Guided movement sequences specifically designed for spinal health.

Teaching on the benefits of and utilisation of Muscle Stimulation and Massage Guns

A chance to relax and unwind in the evening in the house hot-tub.

There is a questionnaire to complete prior to selection for the retreat.

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CallĀ  07718105159 to book your place today.

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