Kt Tape 1 Day Workshop


Last week KT Tape UK and Bullet Proof Bodies teamed up for a one-day workshop for all things KT Tape related. KT Taping is just one aspect of accepting that we have to treat the fascia as integral to MSK rehabilitation. The Bio-Tensegrity model of compression and tension

It is 10years since I qualified as a Kinesio-Taping Practitioner. I have worked in a variety of incredible Sporting, Expedition and Military environments.

These days I am passing on my experience to the next generation of Therapists. Kinesiology Taping now has a good evidence base in comparison to 10 years ago. Interestingly,

KT Tape is STRONGLY recommended for Chronic Lower Back Pain, where not many modalities are! There is still lots of debate about taping, which was invented in the 1970’s by Kenzo Kase a Japanese Chiropractor. 

K Taping is our treatment between treatments, we can use it for symptom/pain reduction, stability for ligaments, increasing muscle stimulation and of course recovery from training (DOMS).

Although KT Tape is designed for self -application, having a Therapist apply the tape can add a whole new dimension to your recovery. That is why we assembled our knowledge and experience in a one-day workshop.

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