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Last weekend Bullet Proof Bodies teamed up with our friends at KT TAPE for helping the thousands of people running the London Marathon. The ques for taping for incredible! I had not realised that so many Runners need the advise from a Physio

We saw mainly Plantar Fascia issues, Achilles issues, Unstable ankles and ITBS/Patella Tendinopathies. We also treated the occasional neck, back and shoulder. I had not realised that so many of these participants were running with significant pain.

When I spoke to them the majority were not doing any strength training. Many did not even see the point of strength training for the Marathon.

There is a clear need to address this issue, however, the expo was full of really helpful advice for everyone from newbie Marathon Runner to Veteran. Exercises as simple as Calf Raises and Squats would be a great start, rather than just running.

Talking of Veterans, it was great to catch up with our friend Sally Orange, who was running the Marathon dressed not as a fruit but as a cheese! There were so many amazing people all running with their own unique story.

We also have to talk about recovery. Most people are so concerned about the big day of running that they forget about the week after the Marathon.

Here are some of our top tips on recovery:

1. Wear Compression socks – these enhance venous return

2. Go Swimming rather than recovery running

3. Try Taping for recovery РQuads and Calves especially 

4. Sleep more – have a lie in and get to bed earlier

5. Get a Massage – You deserve it

and finally, some of your aches and pains will remain and might even get worse

6. See a Physio if any symptoms persist

Well done to all those who completed the Marathon, it is a great achievement.

Most importantly, don’t run if you are in lots of pain!

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