back pain remedy – holistic retreat


The Back Pain Remedy – Holistic retreat was a huge success.

This was a three-day intensive retreat in Keswick, in the Lake District.

Not only would these attendess get expert teaching but we would also live together for 3 days.

This made the experience truly immersive and allowed a deeper connection for all involved.

Especially on the last eveing where we all relaxed in the Hot Tub!

The course had a different theme each day.

The first day was about assessment

The second day involved treatments including self-treatments

The third and final day was about self-management.

The difference between this retreat and others is that we were able to combine the skills of three Therapists:

Dale’s Physiotherapy and Teaching skills 

Sig from Siggy B Yoga teaching Breathwork, Yoga and Meditation

Jana from Spiral Stabilization teaching this unique methods of musclebalance and spinal decompression training.

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