bulletproof your 21.2 wod




So, CrossFit Games WOD 21.2 is 17.1 from 5 years ago, it’s a repeat.

A consistent 15 Burpee Box Jump-overs and an ascending ladder in 10’s of Dumbbell Snatches for time.

Whilst the Pro’s will do this in half the time (roughly 10 mins) for the rest of us mere mortals, we can afford to take some micro-breaks to catch our breath.

The fastest time in 2017 was 9 mins 57 secs, so that is something to aim for!

The key to this workout is pacing and remember, you’ve got 20 minutes, so steady away is the order of the day and try not to red-line or you will be toast!

Do you remember the DOMS from this workout?

Welcome to the Back BBQ!

Yeah, this is going to be a, “one and done.”

Sore shoulders, Quads and lower backs will be the result of this WOD.

Top 10 tips for Bulletproofing your WOD:

  1. Spend some time activating the rotator cuff in warm up
  2. Mobilise extension of the spine in warm up
  3. Practice a few reps of switching the Dumbbell on the way down if you’re going for speed
  4. Perform “step-to” Burpees, rather than both legs together
  5. Try a “Push and Pull” warm up for the upper body
  6. Mobilise your “Hip Hinge” movement so you have adequate length in your hamstrings for both the snatch and the Burpees
  7. Hip opening sequence for the Burpees
  8. Downwards facing Dog for posterior chain lengthening
  9. Perform resistance banded over-head lockouts with a light band to warm up the Lats
  10. Try some Slump test nerve flossing to make sure the sciatic nerve knows what’s coming!


Good luck!

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