Bulletproof your squat -part 2





The Squat is the one of the most important level 1 functional movements.

In the last video we showed you how to perform the basic squat with the 5 pillars of stability:


  1. Stable foot position – push down through the big toe, keep the tension and then back onto the heels, this creates an active foot arch.
  2. Pelvic stability – Glutes are active by pushing the knees out
  3. Mid-line stability – Breath hold on as you descend/lower your body into the squat
  4. Scapula stability – Shoulder blades back and down
  5. Cervical Spine stability – neck is long with a slight chin tuck in


The 5 pillars help to build the squat from the ground up.


The goblet squat is a front-loaded squat that is easy to perform with a kettlebell. You hold the kettlebell in the classic “goblet” position, close to the chest with elbows high.


Work hard to keep the the foot arch active and push the knees out.

Be careful how deep you go when using a heavy kettlebell.


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